Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

Mistakes That Can Be Made with a DIY Fence Installation

Anna Mason

Trying to save some money by installing your own fence? If so, know that it something that is easier said than done. There is a chance that you can make mistakes during the installation process if you are not sure what you're doing.

Not Getting a Land Survey

When you're building a fence right on the property line between you and your neighbor, it's crucial that you get a land survey done to determine exactly where the property line is. You should not even trust the placement of an existing fence, since that may not be accurate. The consequences of not getting a land survey is building a fence on your neighbor's property and having to take it down. This mistake can cost you all the money you tried to save by doing the installation on your own.

Incorrect Post Hole Installation

Each section of fence will require that you dig post holes to secure the posts that hold it up. There are several things that can go wrong at this point as well. A common problem is that the hole is not deep enough to accommodate the fence. Digging down deep into the ground to secure the post will ensure that it stands upright against strong winds and other weather conditions.

Even if the post hole is deep enough, you could have problems with the cement not curing because it was not mixed right. There can also be a problem with the post being installed in a way that is not straight, and not discovering it until after the cement has cured.

Installing a Fence That's Too High

Different cities have regulations regarding how high a fence can be around your yard. It is important that you do your research and figure out what the height restrictions are. While you might want a tall fence in your backyard, it simply may be against the laws in your city and you'll have to go with something smaller. Not knowing the laws means that you'll need to take out the fence, just like the situation of building on your neighbor's property.

The best way to avoid these problems is by hiring a professional, like those from Diamond Fence & Concrete Inc, to build the fence for you. They'll be familiar with all the potential problems that can happen, and can ensure that they are not a problem during your fence installation. Reach out to a fencing contractor for more information.


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