Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

Replacing Residential Fences: What To Know

Anna Mason

You may have recently bought a nice house with a fence thinking that you'd like to replace the existing fence when you get a chance. A fence can seem like an unassuming, simple thing to take care of as far as home ownership responsibilities go. However, you need some fence knowledge before you run afoul of neighbors and the community you live in. Know these details before you select and install one of these structures.

1. That Existing Fence May Not Be on Your Land

If your old fence has been there so long that it looks unsightly in places, neither the previous owner that sold the house to you nor the current neighbors may have a lot of information about it. When you daydream about your new fence, it's natural that you'll imagine the same dimensions and think that the new fence will simply be put where the old one stands.

However, before your start any process, realize that the old fence could be where it is due to a gentleman's agreement from owners years ago, not because it is on the actual boundaries of the neighboring property or yours. The boundaries are explained in your deed, but without being a surveying expert you may not realize whether the fence lines up with the deed. It's best to have a qualified surveyor visit your property and reconcile the two. You may see that part of the old fence is sitting on land that doesn't belong to you, and you need to respect that or speak with the neighbor. 

You don't have to do this, of course, and assume that no one will notice. However, if the neighbor does one day discover the truth, or sells their home to someone who does, your new fence may need be moved, even if you don't want it to be. It's better knowing now.

2. Zoning is Important

Another thing that's easy to put to the side is your community zoning rules. You might think that zoning guidelines only concern business owners, but even residential homes and fences are subject to rules regarding specific materials, sizes, heights and other details. Ignoring this only opens yourself up to possible zoning violation fines. Read community zoning information that applies to your land and heed the rules you see.

Your residential fencing contractor has much more specific data regarding your property. Allow them to be a trusted partner before, during and wellafter installation. For more information, visit websites like


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