Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

Want To Install A Fence? Make Sure To Avoid Obstacles In The Yard

Anna Mason

Some people prefer to buy a home with a fence because they want a turn-key property. But, there is one drawback that comes with this and it is not being able to pick the design or material. When you buy a home without a fence, you will have full control of these details. If you are in this situation, you should hire a fencing contractor to install a fence while avoiding all obstacles:

Sprinkler System

It should be easy enough to avoid the sprinkler system throughout the landscape. But, the real challenge lies in avoiding the spray of water that comes from the sprinklers. You will need to coordinate with the fencing company so that they know where the water ends up spraying. You can have them come over during scheduled times or turn them on manually during their visit.

By keeping the water away from the fence, you will not have to worry about issues such as rotting wood or puddling water beneath the fencing area that could drown nearby plants.

Growing Trees

Another feature that you will need to look out for is growing trees. While you may look forward to these trees becoming a valuable addition to your property, the roots of young trees are still likely to spread throughout the yard. This means you will want to carefully plan the location of the fence so that the roots do not become an issue as the trees get closer to maturity.

Instead of giving every young tree a few feet of extra space, you should look up what type of trees you have so that you know exactly how much space is needed around the yard. Some trees are known for having non-invasive roots and may not require much working around at all.

Plumbing Pipes

While you only need so many fence posts for a sturdy installation, you still need to make sure that these posts do not come into contact with plumbing pipes underneath. If you want to build a fence with a few feet of protection underneath the surface, you will also want to watch out for piping because damaging one of these pipes can become a major and costly problem.

Installing a fence as a property owner allows you to make all the final decisions. Getting help from a fencing company, like Crown Fence Co, and working on strategies to avoid obstacles will lead to an excellent finished product.


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