Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

Tips To Help You Install A Successful Chain Link Fence

Anna Mason

Installing a chain link fence around the perimeter of your yard can add security and privacy for your family, children, and pets. As you plan out your fence to be installed, here are some tips and insight you should consider to ensure your fence remains strong, durable, and an attractive feature in your yard.

Excavate and Prepare the Post Holes

After you have decided where your chain link fence will be installed, you can begin to excavate the holes where you will install the posts. First, excavate and install the corner fence posts. Then, once you have installed and allowed the concrete to set around the posts, string twine between each of the corner posts. This will help you to install the middle fence posts in a straight line.

After installing the corner posts, you are ready to install the remaining middle posts. You won't want to install the posts set too far from one another; otherwise, your chain link fencing won't be as strong as it should. Plan and space out your fence posts so the posts are no further than ten feet from each other.

It is recommended to excavate the post holes to a specific depth of up to 24 inches deep to give your fence its strength. The hole should be wide enough to provide space for the fence post and several inches of concrete set around it. Fill the bottom of the hole with gravel to provide a durable foundation for the post. Add enough gravel in the hole so the top of your fence posts sit 45 inches above the ground.

Install Concrete Edging

After you have installed the fence posts for your chain link fence, you can add a decorative concrete edging around the fence's base that will help keep up the appearance of your fence. Concrete edging installed around the base of where your fence will be installed will help control the growth of weeds around the base of your fence. With this addition, you don't have to worry about cutting or pulling weed growth below your fence. Many types of weeds can grow up within your chain link fence and make it look unattractive.

Concrete edging also provides extra security to your fence to prevent your pets from escaping your yard by squeezing beneath the fence's edge. The concrete edging also helps make your fence look more well-kept with cleaner edges. You can hire a concrete contractor, such as from companies like ​Duke Fence Co Inc, to form and pour the concrete edging before the entire fence has been installed to help keep it looking nicer and lower the maintenance of your yard.


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