Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

3 Things To Consider Before Installing A Fence Enclosure Around Your Pool

Anna Mason

Your backyard oasis is well underway and you are anxiously anticipating the days when you can dive into your own pool and wash away the stresses of the day. However, along with a pool installation will probably also comes a fence enclosure. To make sure you don't make any mistakes about the fencing enclosure you have installed around your pool area, there are a few things that you do need to know in advance. Check out this short list of things to consider when you are installing a fence enclosure around the pool on your property:

Local codes could dictate what kind of fence you get. 

In a lot of urban locations, if you have a pool on your property, it will also be required that you have a fence that is surrounding the pool area for the safety of local residents, primarily children. If you live in a place that has these building codes in place, you will have to check with local ordinances before you pick out just any type of fence. Some places require certain things. For example, there may be a requirement that your fence be a certain height or have a locking gate. Not knowing these rules beforehand can mean you have a fence installed that only has to be reconfigured or replaced when the city discovers the fault. 

Privacy fences can be good around a pool, but they can cause problems with neighbors. 

Maybe you want your swimming pool area to be as private as possible so you decide a privacy fence that is really tall will be the best option. This may be the case, but before you have the fence installed at conjoining property borders, you should check local building codes and also discuss the property change with your neighbors. If the fence obstructs their view dramatically, you could be prohibited from erecting the fence on the property borders. 

The fencing around your pool should be solid to the ground. 

Some fencing styles leave an open gap along the bottom that is large enough for an animal or even a small child to squeeze through, which is definitely not a safe idea if you are enclosing a pool area. Because safety should be your top priority, go for a fence design that has a more solid structure and does reach all the way to the ground with no gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. 

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