Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

PVC Fences Are Perfect For Residential Properties

Anna Mason

Since many new homes are built without a perimeter fence, it is one of the first thing that new homeowners need to consider. Of course, there are many different fence styles and materials to choose from. Most homeowners want a product that is stylish but also easy to take care of. If this is what you are looking for in the fence, you should definitely consider PVC. This article explains why PVC is an ideal material for exterior fences.

PVC Is Waterproof

The fact that PVC is waterproof is perhaps the most important characteristic when it comes to exterior fencing. The waterproof finish means that the homeowner does it need to take any special steps to protect the fence from moisture damage. There are obviously a lot of different types of moisture when it comes to exterior fencing, from the sprinklers to rain. Other fencing products can be waterproofed, but they need to be refinished to restore the waterproofing. 

Since PVC is waterproof it can be cleaned very easily. You can use your hose to spray dirt and dust off of your fence. You can also use car or household cleaners to remove more serious dirt stains from vinyl. However, the texture of PVC fencing is smooth, so dirt is not likely to stick to in the first place. Basically, a vinyl fence probably won't get dirty, but if they do, it will be very easy to clean.

PVC Is Stylish

Many people are surprised to see that there are so many stylish options when it comes to vinyl fencing. Most PVC fences are made with traditional styling and neutral colors. Of course, the look of a white picket fence is the most popular. But there are many more you can also find custom fence builders who will dye your vinyl whatever color you want. There aren't really any limits when it comes to vinyl fence styles.

PVC Is Modular

Another great feature of PVC fences is that they are easy to build and repair because they are modular. A modular fence can be assembled using minimal power tools. Installing your own PVC fence could be a great DIY project if you are trying to save some money on the project. This also means that it is quite easy to replace broken slats or rails.

PVC is modular, stylish and easy to maintain all at once. It is easy to see why it is such a great material for residential fences.


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