Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

When To Use Affordable Fencing And What Types There Are

Anna Mason

If you don't have a lot of money, but you do have the need for fencing, then a lot of types may be out of your budget. While you may love the idea of having a brick and wrought iron wall/fence combo around your yard which would really add an amazing look to your yard, it can cost a lot of money. Sometimes you have to go with what you can afford instead of what you want. Here are some inexpensive ways to border in your yard or other areas until you can afford to have the fence or wall of your dreams put up:

Chicken wire can be used in some cases

Chicken wire is the least expensive type of fencing. However, you have to clearly understand that this is a very flimsy fencing that is meant to keep birds in a certain area. It is not intended to keep out large animals or people. If you are looking for fencing for chickens or other types of birds, then you can use chicken wire and wood to build a coop. Fencing your entire yard with it will require a lot of wooden posts along the way since it bends so easy, and all it will really do is let people know where the boundaries for your property are. You can also use it to keep certain pests out of your garden area.

Horse fencing can be a good choice for a large property with certain animals

Horse fencing looks a bit like chicken wire but it is much stronger. However, horse fencing alone is not enough to do any kind of protection when it comes to keeping most animals, especially larger ones in the property. If you go with horse fencing, then you want to have a lot of strong posts along the way to add the durability needed. It may be best to have a professional install it if you've ever installed horse fencing before.

Vinyl fencing may be the answer to all your fencing concerns

If you are looking for an affordable option to other types of fences that can be a bit more on the costly side, such as solid wood or wrought iron fencing, then vinyl may be the way to go. Vinyl fences come in many different styles, they tend to be more wallet friendly and they need less regular care than some of the other types of fencing and this means less money going out on upkeep in the future. The best part about a vinyl fence is it is one that you can choose for the long term and you don't need to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

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