Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

Keeping Deer Off Your Property With A Fence

Anna Mason

Keeping deer off of your property or out of your garden can be a very difficult challenge. It seems that these deer can get into just about anything. You do not want to hurt the animal, but you don't want the deer eating your lawn and vegetables. You may have tried a few tricks like putting out human hair, or even a scarecrow, but those are only fairly effective.

One of the best ways to keep deer off your property is to build a good fence. Now, the fence can't be like any old fence; it has to be a deer fence. The animals are pretty amazing and can actually jump upwards of 12 feet, so you have to make some adjustments to normal fences. Here are a few options for you.


While it is possible for a deer to jump an extremely tall fence vertically, they are not able to jump high and far, so one of the very best types of fences that you can have built is a fence that leans out or in. Either way is completely fine because deer are not able to make the leap up and over the vertical fence. You may want to build a fence approximately 8 feet tall, but have it angled about twenty degrees.

Double Up

Deer are extremely cautious and they do not want to be stuck in a bad situation. Deer also do not have good depth perception, and to utilize this aspect against the deer you can have a double fence built. Build one normal fence around your property, or vegetable garden, and build another identical fence 6 feet behind the original. The deer will have a hard time jumping the fence because it can't tell how close or how far the second fence is. They do not want to risk getting caught in the middle or hitting the other fence.

Security Fence

Deer have fantastic sense of smell, but if they can't see with their own two eyes what is on the other side of the fence, they are not likely to make the leap. They do not want to get behind a fence to find what the problem is. A security fence is one of the best ways to keep deer off of your property. This type of fence is the most traditional looking of the fences listed, and i therefore used a lot in keeping deer off of property.

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