Choosing A Great Fence

Choosing A Great Fence

Insight To Help You Keep Your Fence Posts Long-Lasting And Durable

Anna Mason

As you take the time to install a wood privacy fence around your property, you want the fence to be durable and last as long as possible. Here are some tips to help you ensure your fence is built and installed in a sturdy and long-lasting manner:

Excavate the Proper Hole Depth

When you begin to dig the holes to set your fence posts within, be sure you dig them the proper depth to provide enough stability and strength for the fence. It is recommended to dig the post holes to a depth of at least two feet, but up to one-third to one-half the post's above-ground height.

Skimping on the depth of your post hole and the proper length of the post being set into the soil will cause your fence posts to wobble upon their foundation. This will lead to a weakening of the concrete foundation and damage to your fence, over time.

Provide In-Ground Post Drainage

Before you set the post and pour in any concrete, it is a good idea to install a drainage layer of several inches of gravel to sit beneath the concrete around your wood post. Drainage gravel will help water and moisture in the soil around your post drain away from the post.

When moisture and ground water are allowed to sit in the soil around your concrete and fence post, the water can cause the soil to erode away from the cemented-in post allowing it to wobble. And during the winter, freeze-thaw patterns can crack and damage the post's concrete and reduce the post's stability.

Apply Post Protectant

It is also helpful to treat the bottom end of your fence posts, that will be set within the ground, with a wood protectant. You can find such wood preservative coatings at paint and home improvement stores. A good type of wood preservative should contain copper naphthenate, which you can paint onto the bottom end of the post or soak the post in the treatment overnight.

Follow the directions on the product for appropriate application and allow time for it to dry before installing the fence posts within the concrete.

Pour and Form the Concrete

After setting the posts and filling the hole around the post with concrete, be sure you form the top of the concrete around the post to best protect the post from moisture rot. If you leave divots on the surface of your concrete around the post or have it sloped down toward the post, it can allow water to collect and permeate into the wood post, leading to wood rot. Over time, your wood post will rot right out of the concrete it is set in.

Form the concrete to slope down away from the fence post. This will allow moisture to run away from the post and not cause moisture damage. Contact a company like Gatlin Fence Company for more information and assistance. 


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